North To Alaska

Well Jerry & Marge started their 10,000 mile road trek Wednesday morning July 18. Their first stop Eau Clair Wisconsin 335 miles. Hope they keep us up to date on their travels. Good Luck to both of them.

July 19 thier second day found them in Fargo, North Dakota 658 miles away. Marges favorite Movie????

We stopped to smell the flowers in Minnesota, and drove through to Fargo, ND

July 20 They stopped in Bismarck, ND the capital of ND 851 miles away and took in a movie.

Jerry started his day with an early bike ride along the Red River. We had an easy drive to Bismarck, so we stopped at “Frontier Village,” in Jamestown, ND where the world’s only white buffalo (a DNA tested albino) is roaming the plains with her herd as nature intended. The old Indian legend about her is that her spirit is sacred and she has come to unite all the people on the earth.

Friday night we saw “Live Free or Die Hard” – Thumbs up for any Die Hard action fans! MarjSaturday morning we left Bismarck and encountered “The Enchanted Highway” about 20 miles before Dickinson. The highway extends southward about 30 miles to Regent, ND, and between farm fields, jutting up 60 feet in some places, were several whimsical iron sculpture scenes to view. We actually came upon the actual artist, Gary Grebb, an ex-teacher from the area, in the process of his work on “Fisherman’s Dream” (photo attached). You can see more of his sculptures at Eventually we arrived in Dickson to prepare for a long day at Roosevelt National Park. Jerry

July 21 Dickinson, SD 946 Miles

July 22 Glendive, MN 1,044 Miles

July 23 Billings MN 1,316 Miles

Days 6,7,8 – Billings, Helena, Missoula, MT
100 degree days! Our air conditioning is going strong!!!

Billings is a great city built in the mountains. For some reason, it reminds me of home . . .

On the way to Helena, we stopped at “Invenergy” a Judith Gap Energy LLC “windmill farm,” just west of Harlowton. I was amazed by the vast tawny fields. This is cattle country! Most fields have huge rolls and rolls of hay. However, all the small farms and ranches have been bought out by the big guys who own most of the land now.

Montana doesn’t seem as windy as North Dakota, it has bigger, more familiar city surroundings, and has GREAT coffee!!! The southern part of the state is flat: All you can see is a checkerboard of brilliant green fields and soft amber fields and huge rolled hay bales. As we get up northward, the grazing land is more scenic, but I can’t take my eyes off the clouds!

Missoula was another really nice comfortable city – bigger than I thought! We’re getting into the mountains now, tomorrow we’ll be crossing the east – west continental divide.

Jerry & Marj


We finally have a computer connection good enough to send out email! It took us 19 gorgeous days to get to Alaska. Today we’re back in Fairbanks, trying to catch up on our “Alaskan Adventure updates.”

We left Dickinson, ND Sunday, August 22, after a visit to their dinosaur (and fantastic rock) museum.

Soon we were on our way to the north entrance of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We noticed right away that there was more vegetation in these ND Badlands. There was grassy ground cover with shrubs interspersed on the land and the hills.

We headed to the south entrance of the park about 4:00 p.m. stopping at the “Painted Canyon” on the way. There were more canyons now, at the south loop, with some trees and wildflowers added to the landscape.

Here we saw prairie dog villages, rabbits, deer, wild horses and bison within several feet of our car. Sunset was around 9:30 p.m.

We arrived late in Glendive, MT. The next three days were going to be a lot of driving! We were on our way to Glacier National Park.

Jerry & Marj

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