Retirement Posting & Babies

All I can think of is 84 days left and I am free. Or almost free. I am retiring on my birthday December 15 I’ll be 60. Sure sounds old but I don’t feel 60 so that is good. I play a lot and hope continue to as long as I have my health. I want to enjoy life more like when we were kids. It may be a fantasy but I think I can do it. I hope I can take all the positive times and not all the waste full negative times when I was a youth. I had good years and I had bad ones and I hope I learned from both. I love to play sports and that is good and bad. As we get older sports become harder and harder but god willing I’ll have a few good years left. Well then after that I use to love reading novels or doing experiments but who knows. I am looking forward to going up younger. I just hope I don’t get in to diapers too soon. I hope the family will share some of their thoughts and post their them and comments or what is happening in their families’ life. Lesa is having a baby boy soon and that is one blessing I hope will be shared in the posting. Also Jeff Kahsen my cousins’ son’s wife Julie is going to have a boy/girl they want the surprise around thanksgiving. I hope to see that posting also.

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